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ATO Energy s.r.o. is an engineering and contractor’s company in power-plant engineering which has base in Slovakia, town Levice. ATO Energy s.r.o. provides services for conventional and renewable sources of energy. Services cover solutions from optimization of power plant processes and its particular equipment up to supply of such equipment. ATO Energy s.r.o. provides design, engineering and supplies with approach to consist with world-wide requirements with respect to Customer needs. ATO Energy s.r.o. achieves necessary safety and requested quality of equipment, which is needed for stable power and heat generation.


ATO Energy s.r.o. is established based on long-term experiences of team in power plant engineering. Team specialists with 20 years’ praxis provides services from bidding process, through engineering phase, deliveries, construction up to take over by the Client.

ATO Energy s.r.o. is part of the Group V4. ATO Energy s.r.o. constitute segment which complete solutions for Clients from concept design, through detail design up to manufacturing what is covered by company manufacturing company BPP Energy, s.r.o.

Main activities of ATO Energy s.r.o.:


Technical analysis and optimalizations for power plants customer

Heat balance evaluation of power plants and main equipment and design of optimal   solution in conformity with accepted capital return

Design of solution with minimum environmental effect to ambient in accordance with valid regulations.

Feasibility studies

Economical and technical evaluation of capital construction of power plants or  reconstruction of power plant parts in conformity with Client requirements.

Development of sensibility analysis of selected factors which effecting financial flow.

Advisory and consulting

Advisory and consulting in power plant engineering comprise support of Client in relation with authorities

Design of tender documentation and consulting during contractual negotiation


Process engineering

Heat balance diagrams, aerodynamic hydrostatic calculations of steam, water gas systems, stoichiometric calculations of gas, oil and solid fuels

Development of new equipment as:

Steam and hot water boilers,


Tube heat exchangers,

pipelines, etc.

Development of new power plants

Design of equipment

Delivery of equipment as:

Pressure and non-pressure parts of boilers, heat exchangers, etc.

Halls with screwed steel structure

Site facilities

Development of new power plants

Concept design of new coal fired, gas fired and oil fired power plants


Modernization of existing power plants

Reconstruction of existing boilers and its pressure parts

Optimization of burning process

Minimization of environmental impact

Solutions for existing power plant efficiency rise

Enhancement of boilers efficiency by means of burning optimization and re-design of water, flue gas and air path

Utilization of low-potential heat for electric power production


Detail design of CNCG and SOG combustion

Bukocel, a.s., Hencovce 2016

Workshop drawings of CNCG and SOG combustion kiln

Bukocel, a.s., Hencovce 2016

Basic design for heat utilization from combustion engines with power output of 4,99 MWe.

RENETEH, Ogulin 2016

Feasibility study for power plant with power output of 6,25 MW

Slovenské cukrovary, s.r.o., Sereď 2016

Development and design of steam boiler with steam output of 20 t/h

Považský cukor a.s., Trenčianska teplá 2015

Production of steam boiler with steam output of 20 t/h

Považský cukor a.s., Trenčianska teplá 2015

Workshop drawings for flue gas ducts with diameter of 2,2 m downstream the gasification unit

Dalkia Industry Žiar nad Hronom, a.s., Žiar nad Hronom 2015

Design and workshop drawings of combustion air ducts for recovery boiler with steam output of 75 t/h

Bukocel, a.s., Hencovce 2015


Miroslav Lepies

Vice Chairman of the Board, Partner

Miroslav Lepies is responsible for investments and contracts in the energy sector. He studied as engineer of thermal energy at the Faculty of engineering of Slovak technical university. His key qualifications are “technologist, mechanical engineer in construction, mechanical engineering and preparation of technical documentation, design of power stations". He has experiences from Slovakia, Turkey, Lithuania, Czech republic, Cuba, Vietnam, Netherlands, Croatia. He speaks English, Russian, German, Slovak and Czech.

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ATO Energy s.r.o

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