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V4 Independent Audit offers its customers a broad network of services via qualified and experienced people, including unlimited independent internal and external audit services, accounting services and maintaining statements, services relating to social security and commercial law, tax advice and auditing, company financing, management advice and risk consulting services.

We pursue our business activity in line with Act 3568 on public accounting, independent accounting, financial consulting and certified public accounting.

Article 2 of this law setting out the business objects stipulates:

a) To maintain accounting ledgers, compile balance sheets, profit and loss statements, tax returns and other necessary documents in line with generally accepted accounting principles and provisions of respective legislation.

b) To establish and perfect an accounting system: to direct administration, accounting, finances, financial legislation, and to perform tasks relating to their requirements and to provide consulting services in associated fields.

c) Based on respective documents, in the aforementioned areas to make investigations, analyses and audits, to submit written standpoints concerning financial statements and tax returns, to prepare statements and other similar documents, to provide arbitration, expertise and related services.


We provide the following services in our fields of business:

Basic accounting services:
• maintaining bookkeeping,
• tax reports and other legal notifications

Public accounting services
establishing accounting/financial data infrastructure for companies,
tax planning,
tax and financial statements,
consulting on technical and software programmes,
organising accounting/financial departments,
in-company staff training,
management accounting, cost accounting,
investment analyses,
internal audit/internal inspection,
the program Integrated accounting co-operation - ("public accounting services provided directly on site”) includes also all respective information about OUTSOURCING services intended for fairly small companies.


Accounting operations are the core business of V4 Independent Audit, which pursues its tasks and processes in line with the company goals and plans. We provide a full service from incorporation, training of company shareholders, through to the organisation of all subsequent related processes.

Accountancy and financial engineering are among the most extensive fields of computer software. Accounting services are often provided in a system that incorporates account assignment (model of accounting structure) and legal accounting records, and in some cases they need only to be improved and modified. Data are created and input to the system using the model of account assignment of software programmes.  If data are processed in these models irregularly, this leads to complex and unchangeable problems.

In such an event, the accounting company provides services that include setting up and operating the system of account assignment and generating reports from the system, regardless of the accounting model. As part of consulting services, to reduce costs in the case of account assignment we provide also additional services involving various techniques.

Bookkeeping and consulting services


• Setting goals accounting for financial situation,

• Analysis according to set goals and creation of suitable financial structure

• Analysis and consulting during company incorporation and/or in the selection of a suitable investment area from the perspective of financial goals,

• Ensuring an appropriate form of company and all formalities relating to company incorporation,

• Establishment and adaptation of general, cost and management accounting,

• Assumption of responsibilities and current management of all processes of the financial-accounting departments, including the human resources department and data processing,

• Managing the formation of the company and respective processes in the field of technical development, or in free zones,

• Consulting services in conjunction with formation of an office at home and/or abroad, as well as services of a financial nature in organised industrial areas, industrial quarters and in all other specialised tax fields,

• Financial consulting services for all tax and financial operations,

• Training personnel and overseeing the archiving of all accounting records and statements of companies,

• Inspection accounting services based on generally accepted accounting principles,

• Calculation of severance pay for employees when terminating employment and preparation of all related documents,

• Preparation of statements for social insurer and delivery of notifications,

• Arrangement of all formalities when recruiting employees and when terminating employment,

• Proactive consulting services in connection with staff training.

Accounting services and administration of statements

• Bookkeeping, accounting services

• Submission of statements to financial authority and other procedures

• Payroll services

• Notifications and procedures relating to the institution of social security and labour law

• Management reporting and other reporting for specific purposes of financial management

• Accounting systems and accounting advice,

• Operation of the companies register and procedures for companies

• Consulting on cost accounting

Independent audit

The new Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 that entered into force on 1 July 2012 started a new stage of company auditing.

An independent audit means the ledgers, documents, records and tools of a company are audited, evaluated and submitted in statements with the help of all necessary independent audit methods prescribed by generally acknowledged independent auditing standards, for the purpose of acquiring sufficient, satisfactory and relevant evidence for an independent audit to provide justified certainty confirming that annual financial statements, lists, information and data in question conform with prescribed criteria.

• Independent audit in compliance with IFRS,

• Independent audit in compliance with CMB standards,

• Independent audit in compliance with EMRA standards,

• Audit as part of legislation of the Ministry of Finance for insurance and reinsurance,

• Independent inspection for investors for special purposes,

• Independent inspection aimed at company goals for special purposes.

Independent external audit

• Inspection of financial accounts: International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Balanced chart of accounts /TPL (TURKISH GAAP)

• Independent audit in compliance with Turkey’s commercial code

• Independent audit of publicly owned companies

• Independent audit of companies that are subject to the Energy Market Regulatory Authority

• Independent audit of companies that are subject to the Bank Regulation and Supervision Agency

• Insurance companies

• Independent audit for special purposes

Other auditing services

• Internal audit

• Internal inspection audit

• Audit of information system/information technologies (Audit IS/IT)

• Reporting mutually agreed methods

Legal advice

• Consulting services for commercial law, foreign capital law, capital market law

• Companies, branches and liaison offices

• Consulting services for company restructuring projects

• Fusions and takeovers

• Full unbundling

• Partial unbundling

• Change of company form

• Organisation of general meetings of the company Board of Directors

• Advisory services concerning Turkish commercial law

• Advisory services for contracts concerning commercial law

• Legal analyses

• Procedures of the companies register and formalities for companies

Company financing

• Mergers and acquisitions (M & A)

• Advice in the sale of company shares or the company

• Valuation of companies

• Advice for Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Management advice

• Budgeting

• Cost control systems

• Introduction of internal control systems

• Company restructuring

• Advice for company management

Advisory services for risks

• Internal audit and consulting

• Information systems and technologies

• Audit and consulting

• Auditing services for discrepancies and frauds


Sahir Keskin, Ankara

CPA (Certified Public Accountant), Partner

Sahir Keskin is responsible for the taxes and auditing of Group V4. After graduating in economics in 1990, he worked as a professional manager in Account Management and Financial management in the private sector. Since 2010, he has been a partner of V4 Independent Audit SMMM Corp. – V4 CPA, where he provides independent accounting, auditing, consulting and financial consulting in the post of company manager.

+90 312 394 6758


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