About Us

V4 Energy is a solution partner  for international suppliers, subcontractors and manufacturers on the Turkish market. As a turnkey supplier, V4 Energy has a rich history with projects in Turkey and an extensive partner network with international business partners.

V4 Energy s.r.o. is a strategic business partner assisting clients mainly in the fields of energy and mining. It was founded to  provide assistance to international suppliers, contractors and manufacturers with their market entry, development and deployment, as well as to find suitable business partners on the Turkish market.


V4 Energy offers professional services in cooperation with its trading partners on the Turkish market. We promote the “Made in Czechoslovakia” brand, building on the long-standing tradition in the energy sector of the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Quality and reliability of our services are guaranteed by the extensive professional experience of our team.

Offered services

• Feasibility study of power plants
• Calculations and analysis
• Engineering, including technical drawings
• Equipment procurement
• Turnkey solutions for investors

Our business partners



ŠKODA PRAHA is an EPC contractor of power plants on turnkey basis. Our portfolio of services also includes technologies for environmental protection such as power plant desulphurization, denitrification and dust

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removal. We provide rehabilitation of existing plants to increase their efficiency, extend lifetime and improve safety. Serving our clients as owner’s engineer, we support and advise the project owner during all stages of project. As design engineer we provide to our customers overall engineering as well as specific design activities.



Success of SES Tlmace is based on know-how of highly qualified employees, on 65-year experience in this branch and satisfaction of clients all over the world.

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Slovenské energetické strojárne joint-stock company (SES a.s.) belongs among leading suppliers of boilers for both power and combined heating and power plants, incinerating plants. SES a.s. produces and supplies steam boilers for combustion of coal, oil, gas and biomass complying with the most demanding requirements of environmental protection while reaching high efficiency and long- term operation capability. The Company provides a complex system of services in power engineering: development, designing, manufacture, assembly, commissioning.



With a history more than 67 years, ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s., a member of ZVVZ GROUP, is a business-engineering company which in the position of the general contractor of investment units (EPC)

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plans, designs, delivers and installs: •Plants for treatment of waste gases to remove solid pollutants (Desulphurization of dry, semi-dry and wet method – DeSOx / FGD systems) and transport of dust • Equipment of ventilation and air conditioning at nuclear plants • Equipment of ventilation and air conditioning for buildings, industrial production units, mines, tunnels and underground passages • Industrial radial and axial flow fans and air (aerodynamic) flow fans for tunnels. • Semi-trailers used to transport bulk materials and liquid, special containers, pressure valves and etc. • According to customer demands; developing unconventional solutions in all lines of the production program.



Brush has grown for over 130 years to be recognized as the largest independent manufacturer of electrical equipment including 2 and 4-pole Generators, Power Management Systems, Transformers, Hawker

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Siddeley Switchgear and Harrington Diesel Generators. BRUSH Aftermarket has a global reputation for service excellence and dedicated customer support. Whether it's the provision of parts or the delivery of service support in the field, at the customer's premises or at our network of Service Workshops.



The ENVIRMINE company is an engineering and supplying as well as manufacturing organization offering its customers supplies of technological entities and complete technical services in the sphere

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of transportation, storage, and processing of loose materials, production of mixtures concreting plants, blending of all sorts of components in building material industry, food industry, pharmaceutics, etc. Some of the major service areas of the firm: Supplies of technological plants for mechanical, pneumatic, fluidizing transport and storage of loose materials. Supplies of complete technological plants for heavy industry (power plants, heat plants, metallurgical works, mines etc.) Designing and supplying of technological plants for food industry facilities (mills, starch factories, dairies…) and fodder mixture manufacturing plants. Industrial waste water treatment.



ZAT Company seats in Příbram and Plzeň. ZAT a.s. is the oldest Czech company in the field of technological process automation with more than 50 years of experience.

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ZAT Company seats in Příbram and Plzeň. ZAT a.s. is the oldest Czech company in the field of technological process automation with more than 50 years of experience. ZAT focuses on development, designing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance capacities for electronic devices and control systems and their components. Specialists analyze customer needs and suggest the whole system, not just software, but also hardware. They have their own technological facilities for manufacturing control systems, their assembly and testing. The company supplies its own control system SandRA (Safe and Reliable Automation), but also integrates third-party systems. The complexity of supplies also consists in quality of services provided - installation, diagnostics, service and training to personnel.



MODRANY Power, co. is currently the most important Czech producer and supplier of piping systems for power engineering. The company has rich experience of many generations of workers and

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technicians for more than a hundred years of its existence. They participated in the development, design, manufacture and installation of piping systems and valves in power plants in more than 30 countries around the world including Turkey. They are specialized in supply of piping systems, pipe components and valves for the critical parameters and for primary circuits of nuclear power plants. The firm provides complex solution for piping, valves and pipe supports according to standards EN, DIN, ASME and GOST.



MPOWER Group integrates companies in the area of development, technology, engineering, production and maintenance of valves for conventional and nuclear power and chemical, petrochemical and

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metallurgical industry. MPOWER continues the tradition of producing industrial valves of the "SIGMA" and possesses own technical and manufacturing know-how. Own development, technology, engineering and manufacturing facilities along with the developed network of manufacturing cooperation allow us to respond flexibly to individual customer needs. The production portfolio is being expanded by new types and new design series, allowing us to provide general contractor services during the construction of new power plants.



The company B:Power, Ltd. (B:Power, co.) was established in 2009 to implement projects in the field of renewable energy resources. Only working with the latest the technology, the company aims to

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find optimum solutions for customers implementing supplies of power plants in the small energy source sector. ORC technologies are the core element of the firms’ deliveries. ORC systems utilize waste heat within an industrial process and this heat is converted into electrical energy. They cooperate with the three largest manufacturers of ORC technology for waste heat recovery in the world With B: Power services it’s possible to increase the efficiency of biogas plants, can gain electricity generation where overheating occurs in places like workshops, factories and industrial zones with natural gas usage.



G-Team, a.s. founded in 1992 is an engineering and manufacturing company. From its beginning, G-Team is involved in the area of heating plant industry and fossil-fuel power stations and nuclear power plants.

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G-Teams is the leading supplier in power generation sector specializing in steam and condensate equipment. The company’s broad spectrum of supplies and production covers boilers, steam turbines, valves, pipeline systems, drainage and condensate systems. Using an integrated approach in production process includes customer support in engineering (projects) and wide range of services, in particular installation of machine rooms, boiler plants and pipeline systems.



ETD Transformatory based in Pilsen, the Czech Republic, designs, manufactures, tests, transports, installs and commissions world class medium and large transformers by combining a fine engineering

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tradition with modern design technology. Transformers meet EU, international and site specific norms and specifications. Markets are served through a network of sales agents, distributors and joint ventures. Current products include power transformers (single and three phased regulating and non regulating), auto transformers, furnace transformers, traction transformers and chokes for use in the rail industry as well as special reactors. Part of our factory is Electrical Testing Laboratory, which offers a wide range of accredited and non-accredited tests.



Z-Group Steel Holding, a.s.is the noteworthy successor of a long tradition of Czech-Moravian metallurgical and ironworking companies, including Železárny Veselí,

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Železárny Hrádek, Válcovny trub Chomutov and Železárny Chomutov.



One of Colt's core activities over the last 80 years of the company’s existence has been providing solutions for industrial natural ventilation applications, both in new and in existing buildings.

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Several years ago they set up a team to serve the aluminium smelter market, providing ventilation solutions on a global basis for a fast-growing industry Colt is a specialist in smoke control, climate control and HVAC systems, industrial ventilation and solar shading, with a presence in more than 50 countries. If a fire breaks out, Colt’s smoke control systems facilitate smoke-free escape routes for safe evacuation, enable firefighters to pinpoint the source of the fire, and protect the contents of the building.

Our goal, vision and values

Our goal

• Our main goal is your success.
High standard, best quality services and upmost satisfacion for customer retention.

Our vision

• Delivering the best results that we are capable of.
• Respecting the time and work of our clients.

V4 Energy values

• Quality
• Responsibility and transparency
• Ability to change
• Cooperation
• Functioning and integrity

Our team

Peter Sabol, Bratislava

Chairman of the Board, Partner

Peter Sabol strategically manages V4 projects and is also responsible for the general strategy of the company. He completed his university education at the Economic University in Bratislava, after which he took up a post in Istanbul as a financial administrator, before becoming Senior Consultant in IMPAC Európa in the Central European Region. Since 2004, he has been business advisor to the Slovak Republic in Ankara, Turkey. In 2007, he established the company V4 Energy as the first company from the current Group V4..

+90 532 652 8333

Miroslav Lepies, Bratislava

Vice Chairman of the Board, Partner

Miroslav Lepieš is responsible for energy sector investments and contracts. He studied thermal engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology. Key qualifications: technologist, mechanical engineer in construction, engineering and the preparation of technical documentation, and the placement and design of power plants. He has experience from markets in Slovakia, Turkey, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Cuba, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Croatia. He speaks English, Russian, German, Slovak and Czech.

+421 917 521 713

Serdar Yaylalı, İstanbul

Member of the Board, Partner

Serdar Yaylalı is responsible for business development in Group V4 in Turkey and the surrounding countries. He graduated from the Faculty of Sciences and Letters, specialising in English language and literature, where he got his bachelor’s degree. He completed his masters study in the field of International commerce and finance. He has worked as a foreign trade specialist and business development expert in leading companies. His career continued in the Czech Trade Istanbul Office as a business advisor. He is one of the co-founders of Group V4.

+90 533 683 5501

Tomas Drs, Prague

Member of The Board

Tomas Drs is responsible for Group V4 Business Development in Czech Republic Russian Speaking Countries, He studied Civil Engineering started on Moscow State University of Civil Engineering in 1986, master’s degree on the faculty of Civil Engineering in Prague obtained in 1992 ( diploma work= waste to energy project ) He later had a practice in Spain on export position to Czech for 1 year, and then following till today with export sales in sector leading companies. He also is able to speak Russian, Spanish and English.

+420 724 610 254

Ünalcan Abdullah, İstanbul

Business Development Assistant

Ünalcan Abdullah was born in 1992. A recent Labour Economy and Industrial Relations graduate from Istanbul University. After attending enterprise and relations programs in different countries in Europe, he now continues his studies in English Language at Marmara University. Seeking an apprenticeship in the business industry he joined V4 Team as Business Development Assistant.

+90 538 489 0295

Ümit Seksen, İstanbul

Administrative Staff

Ümit Seksen sa narodil v roku 1982 v Istanbule. Absolvoval v Zeytinburnu Vysokú školu technickú. V rokoch 2011 - 2013 pracoval ako coding clerk v advokátskej kancelárii. Neskôr sa začal podieľať na administratívnej práci v Group V4. Je zodpovedný za organizáciu a chod udalostí v spolupráci s výkonným asistentom.