Investments projects of Group V4

When it comes to investment construction, Group V4 develops projects using renewable sources, namely power plants converting biomass and biogas. The development of biomass power plants and biogas stations comprises everything from seeking opportunities, application of a financial model, to the necessary phases of project documentation, construction, through to actual operation of the plant. In the case of biomass conversion power plants, we employ convection incineration of biomass or gasification of biomass using state-of-the-art technologies. Biogas stations developed by Group V4 employ the know-how and experience of renowned companies that supply reliable high-efficiency equipment.

Epsilon Investment s.r.o.

Epsilon Investment s.r.o. is an investment company with registered office in Bratislava. 

We focus on smaller and medium sized investment opportunities in development and in the energy sector. The first investment objective is currently being implemented in the town of Banská Bystrica, where we are developing a locality for the construction of family homes and low-rise buildings. The land is included to the Land Use Plan of the town, with utility networks already under construction. 


Prepared projects

One developed project concerns the installation of a biogas station with nominal output of 1.6 MWe. Power generation is ensured by two combustion engines with output of 2x800 kW. The biogas station will be created for a 10000 hectare large farm. Substratum from animal and plant production will be supplied from the farm once the biogas station is running at full capacity. 

The waste heat from the biogas station will be supplied back to the farm, where it will be used for heating and for technological purposes. The spent biomass from the biogas station will be used in the plant production of the farm for fertilising or composting. The technology of the biogas station with associated equipment ensures maximum use of input and output raw materials and products.