Complex solutions in energy sector.

Demand for energies is constantly rising, which is why energy should be used effectively and with minimum environmental impact. Renewable energy sources are the solution.

Group V4 compiles complex solutions for customers from engineering and design activities through to supply and production for the energy sector. Engineering and design activities are overseen by ATO energy s.r.o. BPP Energy s.r.o deals in the production of pressure and non-pressure elements and V4 Energy represents the strongest companies from the Czech and Slovak republics in Turkey. 

GroupV4 our companies

The company was established in Turkey in 2010. Its objective is to be a solution partner in Turkey for companies from the Czech and Slovak republics. It endeavours to boost the Made in Czechoslovakia brand and follow on in the long history and tradition of the energy sector in the Czech and Slovak republics. It currently co-operates on the Turkish market with the strongest companies from the region, with partners like ŠKODA PRAHA, SES TLMAČE, ZAT, BRUSH, ZVVZ GROUP, ENVIRME, MODRANY POWER and more.

Supplier engineering company in the energy sector based in the town of Levice in Slovakia. Consulting is a key business activity of the company – feasibility studies and technical analysis of projects. Another key area is the supply and design of equipment and technologies for power plants, and last but not least, solutions to raise the efficiency of existing power plants and their modernisation.

Independent producer of pressure elements for boilers and boiler parts in the energy sector. Established in 2011, it continues in the long tradition of boiler manufacturing in Brno, Czech Republic. The production premises of the company are based in Zakřany, 15km outside Brno and supplies membrane walls, coils, economizers, superheaters, reheaters and vertical and horizontal types of HRSG.