About us

Group V4 - We are a modern and dynamic group doing business in the enegry, cosulting, consturction and investment sector.

We are a modern and dynamic international group of companies operating in the energy, consulting and private equity sectors in Slovakia, the Visegrad 4 countries and in Turkey. We were formed in 2015 with the aim of overseeing and creating synergy between companies in the energy, consulting and private equity fields.       

Group V4 is a strategic business partner for suppliers, subcontractors and producers either entering or expanding to the markets of the V4 countries and Turkey. Our partners operate in the energy, mining, engineering and construction sectors. 

Vision, goal and values

Our vision is to become a successful key partner for our clients by providing high-quality services and lasting solutions. Our goal is to improve our services constantly, provide local support to our partners and stakeholders, and to create conditions for the professional growth of our employees. Quality, responsibility, transparency, honesty and integrity are our core values. 

Our team’s extensive experience is a fundamental pillar of the group.

Partners of Group V4

Peter Sabol, BA

Chairman of the Board, Partner

Peter Sabol strategically manages V4 projects and is also responsible for the general strategy of the company. He completed his university education at the Economic University in Bratislava, after which he took up a post in Istanbul as a financial administrator, before becoming Senior Consultant in IMPAC Európa in the Central European Region. Since 2004, he has been business advisor to the Slovak Republic in Ankara, Turkey. In 2007, he established the company V4 Energy as the first company from the current Group V4.

+90 532 652 8333

Miroslav Lepieš, BA

Vice Chairman of the Board, Partner

Miroslav Lepieš is responsible for energy sector investments and contracts. He studied thermal engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology. Key qualifications: technologist, mechanical engineer in construction, engineering and the preparation of technical documentation, and the placement and design of power plants. He has experience from markets in Slovakia, Turkey, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Cuba, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Croatia. He speaks English, Russian, German, Slovak and Czech.

+421 917 521 713

Serdar Yaylalı, İstanbul

Member of the Board, Partner

Serdar Yaylalı is responsible for business development in Group V4 in Turkey and the surrounding countries. He graduated from the Faculty of Sciences and Letters, specialising in English language and literature, where he got his bachelor’s degree. He completed his masters study in the field of International commerce and finance. He has worked as a foreign trade specialist and business development expert in leading companies. His career continued in the Czech Trade Istanbul Office as a business advisor. He is one of the co-founders of Group V4.

+90 533 683 5501

Serkan Toker, Ankara

Managing Partner, CPA

Serkan Toker is the Chief Financial Officer of Group V4. He graduated from Anadolu University School of Economics in the field of Public Finances. He held positions as an accountant and accounting specialist in leading companies in the period from 2003 to 2011. He got involved in Group V4 at the beginning of 2011, eventually becoming a managing partner of the company V4 Consulting. He received his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licence in 2016.

+90 530 969 5939

Radoslav Rančík, BA

Commercial Director, Partner

Radoslav Rancik is responsible for all customer comunication, demands and wishes as well as all sales within GroupV4. He has a bachelor degree in comunication from Saint Cloud State University in Minnesota, USA. He is a former professional basketball player who spent most of his career in europe. Radoslav speaks English, Serbian, Slovak and Czech language.

+421 910 150 069